Geijon in FFXIV

I visited this topic a bit earlier in the blogs lifespan and when I was actively using it more often, but it centered around Gemstone IV, Diablo III, and other mediums where I play a warrior type in line with this persona. While I play(ed) a priest and then a tank in WoW it was never as the Geijon persona.

Final Fantasy XIV on the other hand is a gorgeous game with great content updates and a bit more story behind it so for whatever reason the roegadyn race fit the bill. They also can stand as tall as 7’5″ so they fit the giant build. I’ve played since launch to about patch .80 then came back around 1.0 to 1.21 or whatever it was called when they shut down the servers and launched FFXIV: A realm reborn. The current product manager, Yoshi, has been exceptional in how he approaches content and the community.

Final Fantasy XIV is unique in that your main hand weapon designates your class so you can level all of them. I primarily play as a Paladin myself, but I have a DPS and healer job of decent gear. My paladin is geared into the end-game content for what we call the Final Coil of Bahamut. The particle effects on the Curtana Novus I think stand out, but it’s not the final sword. It’s pictured below:

Geijon Novus

Crafting is fantastic, you can explore, do monster hunts, and the golden saucer opens next week for gambling and racing so all in all the game is just fantastic. It’s what I wish EQ2 was and it’s got more variance and a more aggressive content update cycle than WoW so it’s my preferred MMO right now outside of League of Legends (LoL) and GSIV.

I also do some live streaming occasionally on Hitbox streaming. My Playstation 4 gaming and previous streaming was on Twitch. I’ll share that when it’s appropriate.


I mentioned in the class dynamics post that I rarely played alts in most games, preferring to focus on my primary characters. In EQ 1 I played a necromancer exclusively, in EQ2 when it launched in 2005 I played an assassin from the same family, but our guild needed a tank and we were an RP guild so I played the necromancer also. This is probably where things started to diverge and I became more flexible with shifting personalities.

Mostly though it was to maximize my character. When you are near maxed in everything is where I’ve found people create alts to experience that race/rush/vibe again.

In WoW I played a priest from launch until about the end of burning crusade. By Cataclysm I had shifted my main to my paladin to tank. I was the top cleric on my server for burning crusade, but I never felt like healers were appreciated as the lynchpin they were. Tanks on the other hand were must haves. I’ve tanked in most games since and I remain skeptical of healing because of the returns on my investment previously in it. I do appreciate healers and I try to go out of my way to show appreciation and acknowledgement for them based on my experience.

In Final Fantasy XIV I played a gladiator/paladin main in 1.0, but I didn’t cap until 1.23 patch or so and it was late in the game before the servers were turned off for A Realm Reborn, which is outstanding. In 2.0 ARR I’m leveling summoner, because pet classes are awesome (Necromancer in EQ1 vibe!) and scholar. FF XIV has a nice dynamic that you can change your weapon and it changes your class. I think the game has 20 classes and I’m leveling 16 of them plus your job specializations. Feel like healing? Switch to a crook. Feel like tanking? Get out a sword. Damage? Get a staff or grimoire. I hope they add Ninja jobs, cause Ninja’s are awesome.

Back in 2010 I had dabbled with an Empath and Mage in Gemstone IV. They were basically leveled to around 20th. I think sometime in 2011 I would play them when Geijon’s Lumnis had expired (I was also usually on an RPA) so I was looking to make my time efficient.

For whatever reason I started creating support for myself and Evialla. Being a sorcerer it was easy for spells, but she plays a Warrior also and eventually the Wizard was useful to helping her out there. He’s a Warmage with enchanting focus (Strange, yes), but he’s 50th now and I figure I’ll attempt his first 7x enchantment soon. He’s done probably a handful of both 5x and 6x. He’s a lot of fun to play and I may switch him to pure eventually. I play him as kind of a chaotic neutral or lawful evil type who dabbles in arcane, mystery things. A bit of Szass Tam or powerful, but not outwardly evil types. It’s still coming together. He does not say please and thank you.

I think I created the rogue sometime around here when I was managing to use Lumnis up on both of them. I was finding I had too many boxes both on Geijon and the Wizard. I locker mine (Boo NPC locksmith). He’s a variation of my EQ2 assassin, but he’s not filled with darkness. He now opens boxes for all the alts, the Wizards might be tough since he’s near Stonehold, but all the alts up to about 40th he can manage easily. He’s picked Lesser Minotaur boxes, but I’ve also broken lockpicks. He’s a Guardian of the Sunfist (Great society). 35th on the rogue.

Then I made a cleric because I wanted to be able to make holy receptable gems and eventually chrisms. Made him a swinger in the first 30 and didn’t change out of it. CS casters are superior and he’s just around the level where it makes sense to make him a pure. Pookas, Mares, and Miners will probably be the end of his swinging days. With both the Wizard and Cleric using weapons I think the 60s is about as far as they’ll go, but we’ll see. Cleric is 34th now.

I have an evil monk around 20th, a ranger I’m somewhat meh about, but I learned to use ranged at 19th, and a sorcerer I have big RP plans for. Plus a lowbie ensorceller. I have a mid-range Paladin also at 27th.

All in all a broadened cast and mechanical knowledge and support structure. I think this has become a bit common in Gemstone IV for a multitude of reasons. Mostly though I think people are just more apt to play alternate characters and in a game as old as Gemstone IV it’s natural evolution.

The Fascination becomes Horror!

The Lich King is Dead. Barnom is no more. He was powerful in the scale of a local villain, but he wasn’t a match for Grishom Stone. This seemed to bother him until the end. I really dedicated myself to this one. I’ve played a ton lately of course, but I think I managed a 10/10 for participation on here. I really liked this chapter. Slim was powerful, interesting, and comical.

I’ve never rushed to the end with Geijon. He’s powerful in his own right, well geared, etc, but I did finally fixskill my first character, other than the GSIV conversion, to fully maximize all the tactical skillsets, advice, and gear changes I’ve made since about 2008. I’ve officially dropped OHE/Shield as I was trying to be stalewart in maintaining Geijon’s origins, but the lure of 2x dodge and 3x PT for redux was too great. Brawl did win out so I continue to Fu. Smite was incredibly team orientated helpful against the massive hit pool shades.

I mentioned the alts a few posts back. I really enjoy the Wizard a ton and the Cleric, who I dedicated to Ronan. It fits in very well with the Unlife and combating Evil. I’ve been fortunate to get various alterations and some lightening. The Wizard is enchanting his first 6x item, a set of plate of course.

Geijon is near cap though. I’ve tracked his training to the day since conversion nearly. I was 73 before conversion and 59th afterwards. I came back around the Squidwar (cough) Solhaven Cataclysm. He’s currently trending towards 92nd so I’m in no hurry to fill those last levels just yet. I have upped his enhancive game in the meantime and learned all the Attack strength stacking imbeds as I can though.

Evia got to go to Ebon’s Gate. My player went to Europe. I think I got the better end, but I do plan to attend CCF and the Return to Black Swan Castle. I don’t think I can afford any of the amazing items/auction/raffles that will occur, but I have made strides as a thrift shopper. My mom would be proud as she runs estate sales. All in all I’m really enjoying playing. The immersive storytelling from Kenstrom really helps.

When things aren’t happening I’m more often playing the alts. Oh. I do also have a monk, but it was somewhat to ensure I wanted to keep brawl, even though he’s a two-combat tigerclaw wielder, and for foresight testing. I do test, but it’s not on the level of a Mark or some of the others.

Otherwise, I’m really pleased with the progress I made on the Gryphons website. Auchand was a big motivator. I hope that turns out well as he’s working on chivalry groups. I released the Lacheis and Council of Light Decoded stuff recently also, which seemed well received. It gives a lot of options for development of the GMs to follow any avenue they think to take that society.

I’m working on the Foundations of Phoenix currently. Kelfour editions have a handful of excellent stories as well as interviews from Sagan, Arteuro, and about Harcourt as the basis. I look forward to opening them up as they are from 1990-1992 primarily so at the very start of history, when it comes to the game itself.

Until next time.





All the Lich King’s Men – The swing of things.

I left a report from 12.8 up on the forums. Had a blast last night. I’ve considered doing a follow-up post for alts as the Cleric, Wizard, Empath are getting a bit stronger and branching out some of my writing (I’m in the Final Fantasy XIV Alpha) with other games, but time will tell.

Here was my report for the 12.8 battles.


Powerful magic is at work. The entire Landing saw visions tonight
before an exploratory attack by our new threat occured. As I can
recount the vision was as follows:

“The world shifts before you, colors melting away as your environs
change. A long cobblestone road stretches outward, its surface twisted
and uneven, as well as slick from blood. Disfigured bodies are hoisted
up on stakes, creating a ghastly border along both sides of the path.
The vision quickly ends.”

Light motes descended shortly afterwards. Scouts spread out as they
were seen sparking in various directions. Eventually they were
south-easterly, presumed and the caravan of the Tinkerer was scoured.
Several noted why a proper burial hadn’t taken place then a voice was
heard over the battlefield carried by the wind, “My eternal
servants…rise from your rock…embrace my call….crawl then walk.”

More motes along the Northern slopes of Wehntoph were seen and our
battle groups moved to engage. Mixed in with the wind witches, ogres,
and thunder trolls appeared ghoulish puma’s, zombie trolls, and molded
ogres. (I put them around the level of the area 21-24ish on the higher
end)  Our battle groups were spread out in tiers along the slopes at
the base, mid-slopes, and the face lead by Ardwen, Svardin, and Kerl

Once these minions proved ineffective tall ogre skeletons rose along
with twised (lrn2spell Kenstrom!) troll phantoms, and huge molded
ogres. (I’d place these between 45-60). Kaedra was incredibly
effective with fire spirit against them (I believe, ask the cleric,
but they’d melt). All battle groups were effectively warmed up and
working effectively well at this point.

We must have angered the necromancer at this point because he woke the
mountain spirits against us around this time (each wave was about 20
minutes long) and Wehnimer’s Landing was taking casulties. The
glowing-eyed spectral ogres seems to cause some havok because mixed in
with the spirits, who were very hardy and resistant to targeted
elimination, could engage with some effectiveness, each battle group
on the field. (These were probably 75-90. If they are capped, don’t
quote me)

This forced us into skirmish battles eventually as the spirits were
heavy. Our group did effectively use smite and engaged a lot of these
waves in close unarmed combat as it worked in tandem with Rtune,
Arwen, and Kaedra and our martial members, but the heavy amount of
spirits caused casulties in all three groups. Once the spirits were
under control and re-engaged zombie minotaurs joined the fray in huge
numbers and we had to use several fighting retreats to thin them out
and ensure we weren’t all overrun. (Zombie Minotaurs were probably
capped with 540 AS and were dangerous for many). On large rushes of the creatures
major elemental wave was productive and our mages noted they were
leachable if we see them on the field again.

After heavy fighting extending over an hour or so the undead host
retreated back into the fog. As the fog dissipated the field was clear
and our enemy had gone. It was noted amongst our group that they
didn’t seem very tactical and appeared to be testing our capabilities.

By my hand,
Geijon Khyree

In the end with deaths we were pretty much the only battle group left standing. A good mixture of warriors (4 or so) and casters (3 more) balanced us out. Having that much multi-striking and utility allowed us to down everything.

It also looked like Kenstrom was manually dropping creatures in the first 2-3 waves then just trying to annihilate us later.