Epic Finale (s)

The introduction of Unarmed Combat finished last sunday along with the additions to voln. I edited those logs and posted them elsewhere as they are too large to include in the blog here. I did include the Vordillian log here to show people how the game looks in story heavy discussions.

The Krolvin storyline involving Krentuk is set to end on Sunday evening, 7/22. Thanks to Kenstrom for telling people the time and place. It’s not always that overt.

Speaking of an amazing finale, a certain Knight rose, indeed. The Colorado events are tragic. Why didn’t anyone report on the warning signs. Parents need to address this. These are never random events.

With that aside, see you all Sunday for what should be a ton of fun. I think Kenstrom will have learned from the finale for Grishom Stone and have Krentuk end differently.


Vordilian’s Warning

[Friday, July 13th, 2012, around 9:40pm CST]

The Symbol of Need begins to burn in your mind and an image appears before you of Vordilian…
A well maintained and healthy garden occupies the entirety of the courtyard.  The air here is cool and crisp, but the bulk of the monastery shelters you from wind and makes the air bracing instead of chilling.  In the center of the garden is a natural spring bubbling up several inches above the surface of the encircling pool of crystal clear water.  A large stone and iron gate blocks the entrance to the monastery flanked by a statue of a woman carrying a crystal staff and a set of crystalline keys facing a second statue of a kneeling young man bedecked in battle-worn black chain armor.  You also see the Roelaren disk, an erratic spring spirit that is flying around, a rough slab of silver, a large fel tree and a polished marble bench with some stuff on it. Also here: Bumpur, Vordilian, Lord Waylund, Grand Lady Silversoft, Great Lady Roelaren
Obvious paths: west

Karibeth says, “Courtyard.”

Kirael says, “Vordillian.”

Kerl exclaims, “With a capital T and that rhymes with V and that stands for Voln!”

You quietly whisper to Kerl, “He probably wishes to speak to us.”

A well maintained and healthy garden occupies the entirety of the courtyard.  The air here is cool and crisp, but the bulk of the monastery shelters you from wind and makes the air bracing instead of chilling.  In the center of the garden is a natural spring bubbling up several inches above the surface of the encircling pool of crystal clear water.  A large stone and iron gate blocks the entrance to the monastery flanked by a statue of a woman carrying a crystal staff and a set of crystalline keys facing a second statue of a kneeling young man bedecked in battle-worn black chain armor.  You also see a massive bearded white tiger, the Roelaren disk, an erratic spring spirit that is flying around, a rough slab of silver, a large fel tree and a polished marble bench with some stuff on it. Also here: Krackenstar, Rolfard, Holymoon, Archales, Sir Cryheart, Dreuntar, Kirael, Fulmen, Grand Lady Aurla, Kaedra, High Lord Kaillend, Lady Arwen, Rtune, Luxrious, Ohr, Truekillr, Jylli, Droit, Radom, Wolfloner, Olgretien, Kipa, Sovine, Humbro, Kerl, Karibeth, Bumpur, Vordilian, Lord Waylund, Grand Lady Silversoft, Great Lady Roelaren
Obvious paths: west

You see Vordilian Hulaerast the Champion.
He appears to be a Human. He is tall and appears to be senescent.  He has piercing crystal blue eyes and ashen skin.  He has thinning, black hair streaked with silver.  He has an angular face, a beak-like nose and a drooping mustache.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a pure white onyx shield talisman, a austere white cloak, a pure white lantern shield slung over his shoulder, an ebon leather harness, some black chain mail, a blackworked white linen pouch, and a pair of ebon leather boots.

You bow to Vordilian.

Cryheart turns towards Vordilian and renders a sharp salute with his

Kerl and Vordilian bash their forearms in greeting.

Speaking to Vordilian, Karibeth says, “Good to see you again though I doubt what brings you here is good news.”

Fulmen grunts in greeting.

Aurla curtsies to Vordilian.

Kaillend nods in greeting at Vordilian.

Ohr nods to Vordilian in greeting.

Dreuntar nods to Vordilian in greeting

Speaking to Vordilian, Dreuntar says, “Long time since River’s Rest.”

Speaking to Vordilian, Arnylon says, “Well met again, champion.”

Speaking to Vordilian, Fulmen asks, “Greetings. Do ye have any word of this Vilthulko evil?”

Speaking to Vordilian, Sovine asks, “They sent you?”

Vordilian says, “I bring grave news, and bring the message of our Grandmasters across Elanthia in this matter.  If I could ask you all to stop with your incantations and settle down.”

You agree with Vordilian.

Olgretien kneels down.

Silversoft turns an inquisitive ear towards Vordilian.

Sovine whispers to the group, “Vordilian was barely able to survive grevisth, he is not terribly compitant, a messenger at best.”

Sovine whispers to the group, “But anythin he offers is better then nothing.”

Vordilian says, “Master Hwen, Watcher of The Order, has brought word of assaults against nearly every monastery under our banner.”

Vordilian says, “There have been two notable attacks that I wish to bring to attention.”

Speaking to Vordilian, Dreuntar says, “If one of them is an inky black shadowy wraith, don’t bother.  we met him.”

Vordilian says, “It is my somber duty to report that the Farsreach Outpost and Dweyton Monastery have been destroyed. By the evidence discovered by dispatch runners to Dweyton, it appeared that Farsreach went silent a day or two before the same fate befell the monastery. Brothers and sisters lay slaughtered, some as if surprised, others in combat.”

Kirael blinks.

Karibeth gasps.

Arpelli frowns.

Vordilian says, “Whom or what, no further evidence was discovered. That the dead were left to remain dead forces a question of whether the Snake or the Jackal or some other Dark One who relies on the Undead were involved. The Horned Cabal would have taken our Lord’s followers under their banner, undead and unwilling, slaves to an unrighteous cause. The outposts and the monasteries of the Order, particularly those in the farthest wildernesses like Dweyton Monastery, should be placed on alert.”

You tilt your head down.

You agree with Vordilian.

Dreuntar whispers to the group, “Glad I’m not travelling to Dweyton anytime soon.”

Metadi says, “Sae, a secular threat.”

You say, “Troubling news coupled with these attacks and that this shadowy figure we’ve seen is an Erithian.”‘

Vordilian says, “Again.  These foes are like none we’ve seen before.  They are not servants of The Serpent or The Jackal.”

Vordilian asks, “An Erithian?”

Speaking to Vordilian, Dreuntar asks, “You have said what they are not like, what ARE they like?”

You say, “Aye. He uses particle attacks with orbs we’ve never seen before and a special type of hand to hand combat.”

Fulmen exclaims, “And a starry void to give us vertigo!”

Speaking to Vordilian, Droit asks, “Has the Order heard of this Vilthulko?”

Ohr whispers to the group, “For the love of woods, how many different master can these cursed undead serve?”

Vordilian says, “That is not entirely surprising.  But definitely confirms our suspicions.”

Cryheart turns an inquisitive ear towards Vordilian.

Greganth turns to face Vordilian.

Vordilian says, “It is with alarm that I must report that our Order’s greatest collection of knowledge and thought has most recently come under attack. The assault occurred in the darkest hours of the night by an attempt to ignite magical fires with which to destroy the Library and its contents. Be it the will of the Keeper of the Keys, our Lord Voln or possibly, Lady Lumnis, the attempt was foiled before any significant damage was done to our Order’s precious inheritance.”

Metadi whispers to the group, “It doesnae sound like that attack was primarily undead. Else it’d be that our brethren’s bodies wouldnae remain.”

Vordilian says, “This attack was at the Halls of Solace, where all of The Order’s history is kept.”

Metadi whispers to the group, “Apparently some secular entity feels we are a threat tae it and attempting tae destroy our means o’ attacking them.”

Vordilian says, “The villain was identified as a woman of the erithi race, though of an appearance never before seen or documented of the people of that distant nation across the seas. Over nearly every exposure of skin, the erithi woman was covered in strange tattoo markings. Sisters of the Order later confirmed that the markings extended to the woman’s skin otherwise concealed by clothing.”

Speaking to Vordilian, Eddge asks, “Will the scrolls be moved to another location now for safe keeping?”

Metadi says, “Sae the question becomes, what do we ken that is sae great a threat.”

Speaking to Vordilian, Sovine asks, “Your a champion of voln, but cannot say if he has directly influenced things?”

Vordilian asks, “I am a Champion of The Order, as appointed by the Grandmaster.  I uphold the honor of The Order.  Do you challenge that honor and my position?”

Sovine says, “Of course not, unless I represent them as there champion sending word for there highest of command.”

Speaking to Sovine, Arnylon says, “And then you’d expect to know every thought that passed through their head?  Get real.”

The voice of Svardin says, “I hardly knows many thoughts dat pass thru me own head.”

Speaking to Vordilian, Kerl says, “Lets stick to the subject at hand.”

Speaking to Sovine, Kerl says, “A champion is not a seer, and not a knower of all things.  It would seem to me that he is imparting what knowledge he has… and you have a bone to pick.”

Speaking to Vordilian, Kakoon asks, “Are they part of the Fallen?”

Speaking to Vordilian, you say, “This man named Vilthulko. He does not exactly meet that description, but we have noticed tatoos on him. A coiled serpant on his head, and a lidless purple eye tattoo on his wrist, among others.”

Vordilian says, “I’ve heard of the tragedy in Atan Irith.  The chapter near Ta’Vaalor will be receiving a refugee from the Erithi homeland, who claims to have knowledge of why we are under attack.”

Vordilian clears his throat.

Speaking to Vordilian, Sovine says, “Then that fortess has not been attacked.”

Vordilian says, “It has.”

Speaking to Vordilian, Karibeth asks, “Any idea why they attacked the Halls of Solace?”

Speaking quietly to Vordilian, Luxrious asks, “And how exactly did these forces get this close without our knowledge?”

Speaking to Vordilian, Sovine says, “Did the level the vaalor? That would be excellent.”

Speaking to Vordilian, Kakoon asks, “When was the attack on the Vaalor chapter?”

Vordilian says, “We hope the refugee will be able to make it safely to the monastery near Ta’Vaalor.  He is claimed to be arriving somewhere in the area tomorrow evening.  This is all I know of the matter.”

Sovine says, “I cant say I have reason to see the voln out post fall, however I am confident the sunfist outpost can survive anything that assaults Vaalor.”

You snort derisively at Sovine!

Speaking to Sovine, you ask, “As th’ world burns everyone is safe in wooden huts, eh?”

Metadi slowly says, “Vaalor…”

Metadi sighs.

Speaking quietly to Seomanthe, Greganth says, “Wouldnt that be Grand! We could go visit Vaalor enforce! They would love that.”

Greganth quietly asks, “Who is in?”

Rtune says, “Not hobbits.”

Speaking to you, Sovine says, “I prefer trees, but the sunfist outpost is actually on the highest point. an very well defendable. Sometin the elves there chose not to do.”

Speaking to Greganth, Seomanthe says, “Bring your tent, we pitch it outside the gates.”

Greganth quietly says, “Why, they love me there.”

Truekillr says, “I’ll not be traveling over the Dragonspine. Entirely too inconvenient to get to.”

Speaking to Truekillr, Dreuntar says, “That’s what chronomage orbs ere made for.”

You say, “Those of us who serve th’ Order of Voln headed the Grandmaster when we were called to River’s Rest. We would do so again, but it seems all of th’ Outposts are being targeted. If we leave Wehnimer’s undefended it will meet a similar fate.”

Cryheart says, “And we hae the Krol to tend with…I will nae abandon this outpost.”

Rolfard raspily says, “There are still the pillagers here…most likely a good number of defenders will stick around to fend them off.”

Radom says, “I volunteer as a mercenary, my price would be favor with Lord Voln.”

Metadi asks, “That said… Do we want tae trust the Vaalor and their… Record?”

Vordilian says, “If this refugee knows of our new foe, he may be our only hope to stop them.  Not all of our monasteries are as well defended as this one.”

Speaking to Greganth, Seomanthe says, “I could look forward to our stay in the tent, I’ll being a picnic basket n everything.”

Speaking to you, Sovine says, “I once was of Voln, don misunderstand me. As I said ive no reason to see it fall. However I dont care much for Vaalor if the monestary still stands fine. I just have no issue if the undead kill the king.”

Speaking to Sovine, you say, “Wish ill upon no others lest it befall you and yours.”

Svardin says, “I would only go ta Vaalor ta see da fire I tink.”

Speaking to Vordilian, you ask, “And his arrival is tomorrow in Ta’Vaalor at our outpost there at dusk?

Rtune says, “Too many elfs.”

Metadi says, “We’re talking about the outpost there, nae the city.”

Svardin says, “Not nuff hobbits.”

Speaking quietly to Rtune, Ohr says, “They have tarts.”

Radom says, “Should I inform the Dreadnaughts? Perhaps they could assist in defending Vaalor..”

Cryheart says, “May Voln bless ye who travel across the Dragonspine to protect those outposts.”

Speaking quietly to Cryheart, Greganth says, “Seo and I will make the trek, it is my birthland, afterall.”

Speaking to Vordilian, Arnylon asks, “Are you going to Vaalor to meet with the refugee?”

Speaking to Vordilian, Seomanthe says, “My husband and I will go to them.”

Metadi says, “Och, I’ll trot o’er that way.”

Rtune says, “Hobbits will stay and fite the Krols no worries.”

Speaking quietly to Vordilian, Greganth says, “We fought the lich together in the Mountains, we will meet this foe together as well.” The sky all around is white with falling snow.

Vordilian says, “The Grandmaster has asked me to find those brave and with honor to do so.  I will stay and attend to his needs in the monastery here.”

Speaking quietly to Rtune, Ohr says, “Krolvins eat hobbits for dinner.”

Speaking to Rtune, Arwen says, “I will stay as well.  This is my home and it is my home I will defend.”

Sovine says, “This is perplexing as the monestary is just below the sunfist outpost, an a threat to one is the same as the other.”

You say, “I will be going.”

Cryheart says, “Then go in my stead.”

Luxrious quietly says, “Your Grandmaster should be out here leading.”

Cryheart nods to you.

Cryheart nods at Metadi.

Speaking to Cryheart, you say, “Aye. I think our forces are properly arrayed here for both th’ Krolvin and these Undead.”

Radom says, “Any Dreadnaughts about? Perhaps we should alert Commander Sabreon.”

Mylenna says, “I will go.”

Speaking quietly to Kerl, Ohr asks, “Sure you can’t go Kerl?”

Speaking to Mylenna, Arnylon says, “Well since we’re attached at the hip, if you go, I go.”

Speaking quietly to Kerl, Ohr exclaims, “I feel a whole lot safer if you were standing infront of me!”

Speaking to Ohr, Kerl says, “I can go, but the question is when.”

You say, “Kaedra, Greganth, Seomanthe, and myself? I suspect we’ll need atleast a fifth for this mission if not more.”

Speaking quietly to Arwen, Ohr says, “Dont worry Arwen, I’ll keep him out of trouble.”

Kaedra says, “Droit, come with us to Vaalor tomorrow evening.”

Arpelli says, “I’ll go.”

Arpelli nods at Seomanthe.

Seomanthe praises Arpelli.

Zzentar says, “I volunteer.”

Speaking to Vordilian, Dreuntar says, “If you wish volunteers, I can go, but the captain really does not like me.”

Kaedra says, “No questions, you’re coming.”

Karibeth says, “I’ll go.”

Speaking to Vordilian, Kerl says, “I will go.”

Speaking to you, Kaedra says, “There’s one more to add.”

Arpelli smiles.

Speaking to Vordilian, Fulmen says, “I too can go.”

Kerl says, “There are plenty here who can hold off the Krolvin for a time.”

Svardin says, “Drakes is standin by.”

Speaking quietly to Karibeth, Greganth says, “We had such a blast the last time we all went there together.”

Svardin says, “Drakes is standin by.”

Truekillr says, “I’ll stay here and defend my home monastery.”

Speaking to Greganth, Karibeth says, “Exactly what I was thinking.”

Svardin says, “Most of da Gryphons.”

You say, “Wehnimers can spare a dozen of us.”

Kerl says, “Some can stay, some can go.”

Arwen looks thoughtfully at Kerl.

Sovine says, “The vaalorians do not like outsiders at all.”

Radom says, “I have gotten word that Lord Sabreon is bringing the Legions of Dreadnaughts to assist.”

Cryheart says, “My charge is here, champion of Voln…therefore I must stay.”

Kerl says, “This is not about Vaalor, it is about Voln.”

Zzentar says, “They dont like my kind at all.”

Ohr quietly says, “Thought the voln post there is outside of the city.”

You say, “We come to represent Voln, not agitate elven relations.”

Radom says, “The Dreadnaughts will come to the aid of Ta’Vaalor.”

Speaking to Sovine, Metadi reminds, “We are dealing with the Voln outpost outside the city. The city itself is irrelevant.”

Kerl says, “To show up and say “here we are to save the day” might be viewed with something less than friendly thoughts.”

Dreuntar says, “Oh if it’s not the Vaalorians, I’m a lot more inclined to go.”

Droit says, “The Vaalorian military might get a little nervous.”

Speaking to Divone, Metadi says, “We will nae be entering Vaalor at all, methinks.”

Greganth quietly asks, “So enough of the prattle, the gauntlet is lain, when shall we depart?”

Greganth quietly says, “We are there to serve the Order. As Master, it is our duty to do so.”

Speaking to Vordilian, Fulmen says, “Perhaps ye can ask the head of the Vaalorian Voln monastery to send our respects to the King and mention that we’re on a crusade, as it were.”

Speaking to Vordilian, Dreuntar says, “I’ve much of Liabo’s favor.

Olgretien deeply says, “Well, if Voln needs my blade in the east, there it will be.”

Olgretien deeply says, “See all who make it there tomorrows.”

Vordilian says, “It is a simple matter.  One where you must look in your own heart to find the answer.”

Speaking to Dreuntar, Arnylon says, “Me and the wife can accompany you.  Worst that can happen is if something nasty attacks, we can run while you fight it.”

Speaking to Vordilian, Metadi says, “All right, sae we ken the refugee may ken something verra important, and he is supposed tae arrive at the Vaalor outpost tomorrow, and we need tae send a strong enough force tae defend him and the outpost.”

Speaking to Vordilian, Metadi asks, “Is there aught else tae be told?”

Vordilian says, “The refugee will not be at the monastery, he will be traveling to it.”

Greganth quietly says, “We will meet him on the trail and insure his safe passage.”

Speaking to Vordilian, you ask, “I presume he is powerful in his own right?”

Vordilian says, “The only to survive the attack in Atan Irith, so I would guess that is the case.”

Vordilian says, “But to travel alone, in unfamiliar lands.  I would not wish that upon him.”

Godefroy muses, “Presumably, we will be able to make contact, securely, via the Symbol of Thought.”

Vordilian says, “He is a Master of The Order, I am sure he will seek aid when he needs it.”

Vordilian says, “Sometime after sunset, he should be in range of the monastery.  But this is only a guess.”

Dreuntar says, “We will keep watch.”

Vordilian says, “There is no right or wrong decision here, only what you believe is the right path.”

Vordilian bows.

Aluvius says, “Yes but a monk isn’t a warrior.”

Speaking to Vordilian, Fulmen says, “Watch the night well, Champion. We shall aid you.”

You say, “I expect a Monk is similarily aware of his surroundings.”

Speaking to Vordilian, Dreuntar says, “Thank you champion.  Until we meet again.”

Wolfloner darkly says, “Perhaps this monk can hold his own, I’ll wager he makes it to the monastary.”

Vordilian just went through a large steel gate.

Speaking quietly to you, Greganth says, “Seo, Kari and I will make our tomorrow, and rendevous with you last afternoon then.”

Metadi says, “We’ll need fast-reaction and mobility.”

Metadi says, “And people who ken the area.”

Greganth quietly says, “I was raised there.”

Godefroy says, “It would seem to me that the goal may well be to avoid the City, if possible.”

Kerl says, “It might be best if our force is unknown.”

You whisper, “Kerl makes a good point. We should trickle in tonight and early tomorrow as opposed in a massive caravan.” to your group.

Dreuntar says, “I am not travelling through Zul.  Chronomage is how I shall travel.”

A well maintained and healthy garden occupies the entirety of the courtyard.  The air here is cool and crisp, but the bulk of the monastery shelters you from wind and makes the air bracing instead of chilling.  In the center of the garden is a natural spring bubbling up several inches above the surface of the encircling pool of crystal clear water.  A large stone and iron gate blocks the entrance to the monastery flanked by a statue of a woman carrying a crystal staff and a set of crystalline keys facing a second statue of a kneeling young man bedecked in battle-worn black chain armor.  You also see the Krackenstar disk, an erratic spring spirit that is flying around, the Zzentar disk, a mountain wolfhound, a tiny red-eyed hedgehog, the translucent Osim disk, the Hoy disk, the Arpelli disk, the Arnylon disk, a watchful golden falcon that is flying around, the fiery red Arwen disk, the Fulmen disk, the Kerl disk, the orange Dreuntar disk, a terrified forest spirit that is flying around, a pale golden cougar, the black Rtune disk, the violet Aurla disk, the Kaedra disk, a jocular alpine spirit that is flying around, the Rolfard disk, a massive bearded white tiger, the Roelaren disk, a large fel tree and a polished marble bench with some stuff on it. Also here: Krackenstar, Jyax, Lord Japhrimel, Grand Lady Silversoft, Nucki, Droit, Lord Zzentar, Godefroy, Aluvius, Sir Cryheart, Radom, Osim, Hoy, Greganth, Snowrok, Myharl, Sir Metadi, Arpelli, Mylenna, Arnylon, Humbro, Wolfloner, Rolfard, Holymoon, Dreuntar, Fulmen, Grand Lady Aurla, Kaedra, High Lord Kaillend, Lady Arwen, Rtune, Luxrious, Ohr, Truekillr, Kerl, Karibeth, Great Lady Roelaren Obvious paths: west

Threat to the Order of Voln!

We were alerted to growls outside of the Gates several ours past nightfall. The Defense was formed there under myself gradually. With all the Krolvin attacks were somewhat surprised by the appearance of spectral shades and rotting ghouls initially, but the attack escalated almost immediately to shadowy apparitions when we saw Balantine fall. Much of our forces were around the North Gate, along the wall and towards the bridge to Voln. Much of the attack centered on this area.

The moans of the undead attempted to unnerve us, but when that wasn’t enough a shadowy figure began appearing. He wielded powers we hadn’t seen before. He was throwing balls of light forms at us that would open into starry voids. They caused dizziness, spinning, and shifted us temporarily to confuse and disorientate us throughout the area. Afterwards he’d vanish.

As these snipe attacks were occurring the undead continued to escalate. Shadowy steeds and warriors first appeared near the bridge followed by more apparitions, and the more powerful minions masked in inky black shadows. Servants, Masters, and Champions. All of which were powerful beings. The servants were particularly difficult due to their high defense against weaponry. Upon receiving reinforcements from town we were much more prepared for the waves of attacks we were facing.

The dizzyness inducing starry void attacks continued and the figure would vanish before we could engage him. They were followed by orbs of course appearing of out of the air next to people and blasting them with a crushing force. They seemed to be projectiles as we couldn’t see them before they materialized and sped towards us. We did confirm they were coming from the robed figure.

Droit was eventually able to vine him, but he sunk into the ground and vanished. Kerl was quick to engage him once upon him materializing, but it wasn’t effective.

The shadowy figure exclaims, “We shall destroy your Order!  The way of Voln will never taint my home again!”

He then proceded to use a jab attack style on Archales none of us had seen before. After this he tried to slip into hiding, but several of us managed to spot him doing so. He was revealed and Dhuul was able to hit him with a platinum energy blast. We thought he was killed, but he growled a death rattle, and his body turned into a pitch black puddle of ink and seeped into the ground.

We were able to get a better look at him then. He was an Erithian. Kerl then remarked of the problems the Voln chapter in the Erithian lands was having and that the founder of the Order there had been assassinated recently.

All of Voln is called to attention. Our Order is being threatened. Heed the call!


Droid shared that the Starry Void attack was the minor mental ability, Vertigo (1219), and the Orb attack was Force Orb (1201).

They looked as follows:

Vertigo (1219)

The starry void envelops Ohr!
Starburst patterns of pale blue light sweep forward from Ohr’s chest and infuses the deep blue glow with its energy.
CS: +437 – TD: +405 + CvA: -6 + d100: +87 == +113
Warding failed!
Ohr is pulled into the void and disappears!  He returns almost instantly, looking confused.

Force Orb (1201)

A translucent orb of force coalesces out of the air next to Hoodtralfeck.
CS: +437 – TD: +350 + CvA: -21 + d100: +98 == +164
Warding failed!
The orb quickly spins about him then strikes!
Hoodtralfeck is crushed by the orb for 11 damage!
… 3 points of damage!
Jarring blow to Hoodtralfeck’s back.

Vilthulko’s Jab Attack

Vilthulko attempts to jab Archales!
UAF: 613 vs UDF: 772 = 0.794 * MM: -22 + d100: 21 = 4
A clean miss!

Vilthulko’s Defeat

Dhuul channels at Vilthulko.
Particles of dust and soot rise from the ground at Dhuul’s feet as he releases a pulsating, platinum ripple of energy toward Vilthulko!
CS: +506 – TD: +311 + CvA: +15 + d100: +36 == +246
Warding failed!
Vilthulko is cloaked in a blinding platinum light and assailed for 196 points of damage!

* Vilthulko drops dead at your feet!

Droit whispers quietly into the wind, summoning the forces of nature to his call.

* Vilthulko just bit the dust!

Vilthulko’s body turns black as pitch and rapidly melts into a puddle of ink.  Within moments, the ink seeps into the ground and vanishes from sight.

At the end I barely managed to get a look at him, I had been trying since he first appeared, but he was so damn fast.

You see Vilthulko the Grandmaster of the Ancient Way.
He appears to be an Erithian.
He is taller than average and appears to be venerable.  He has gold-flecked grey eyes and ivory skin.  He has a bald head.  He has a triangular face, a thin nose and broad shoulders.
He has a coiled serpent tattoo on his head, a spiral of gold-inked runes on his neck, a gruesome ghoul tattoo on his arm, a lidless purple eye tattoo on his wrist, and a nightmare steed tattoo on his leg.
Despite no apparent injuries, he seems to be DEAD!
He is wearing a dark grey silk vestment embroidered with a pattern of golden slit-pupiled eyes, some grey leather gloves branded with archaic sigils, a gold-threaded grey silk sash, and some grey leather boots branded with archaic sigils.

Our night ended in the Voln Courtyard.

A well maintained and healthy garden occupies the entirety of the courtyard.  The air here is cool and crisp, but the bulk of the monastery shelters you from wind and makes the air bracing instead of chilling.  In the center of the garden is a natural spring bubbling up several inches above the surface of the encircling pool of crystal clear water.  A large stone and iron gate blocks the entrance to the monastery flanked by a statue of a woman carrying a crystal staff and a set of crystalline keys facing a second statue of a kneeling young man bedecked in battle-worn black chain armor.  You also see a large fel tree and a polished marble bench with some stuff on it.
Obvious paths: west
Thremkin, Dhuul, Krisstal, Kipa, Arku, Tenken, Archales, Hoodtralfeck, Fulmen, Wolfloner, Ohr, Sovine, Ycelacie, Ana, Kakoon, Droit, Kaedra, Kerl, Jesp, Esperath and Greganth followed.

It was great to be a part of this. Most of us are aware of the Monk, Unarmed Combat, and Voln Order changes/implementation from Platinum. Voln has always been one of my characters strongest backstories and I love undead invasions. It was fantastic to be a part of this and the group dynamics tonight were great and people were a lot of fun. It’s shaping up to be an exciting launch in GS Prime.

You can find more about the Minor Mental spell list at krakiipedia here: http://www.krakiipedia.org/wiki/Minor_Mental along with the unarmed combat entry at http://www.krakiipedia.org/wiki/Unarmed_combat

Thanks to GM Marsteform (sp – I’m tired and his name is crazy.) for the invasion. We think*

Krolvin Kounter!

(Yes. I am going to use K adjectives. Ks are Kool!)

I’ll have to get you all up to speed. Our anonymous reporter has continued to provide information although I have first hand knowledge of much of it. I’ll quickly catch you all up from where I left off.

Kragnack, the brother of Krentuk showed up with a proposition for the city. He asked its residents and Mayor Walkar to protect his half-krolvin son Falzcrow. Krentuk had marked Falzcrow for death. In exchange for protection of his son, and weapons superior to what the Krolvin used, Kragnack would attack the Krolvin stronghold at Glaoveln, the Krolvin island homeland.

A diplomatic meeting was arranged at the Drake Vanguard, a Wehnimer’s based local defense force, between Walkar and Kragnack nights later. Negotiations broke down as many residents and the Mayor were unwilling to provide weapons to a stranger. Refuge for Falzcrow was not an issue. During this meeting because Kragnack nearly became hostile Mayor Walkar ordered the militia to seize Falzcrow for his safety and to prevent escalations with Kragnack.

Mayor Walkar issued a short statement afterwards, “We are at war, and let us not forget that our enemy are krolvin.  To broker a deal with them where their demands are met in whole, but we are given only hope that their success bears us any good fortune, is a risk I am not willing to take.  Many will accuse of me taking a hostage to force Kragnack’s hand, but I do so as a safety precaution, and wish no harm to his son.  These are monsters, who willingly pillage, scalp, murder, and take whatever they want.  Let their nature never be overlooked.”

Later it was learned that Svardin, the leader of the Drake Vanguard, did provide Kragnack with the desired weaponry. It has been met with some heated responses, but I individually do not view it as betrayal. I do question the decision as those weapons can still be turned on us and we’re not in position to supervise their usage in the attack on Glaoveln.

A few nights later the toymaker Parlay arrived on his ship with umber sails, it was then used to board Krentuk’s personal ship, the Gzadmor gno Prozd, or “Pain of Night.” This is a level 130 area with groups highly recommended. It includes Slashers, Stormcrows, Bloodmasters, and the very dangerous Zealots.

Gemstone IV Class Dynamics

Gemstone IV is running a pay to play event called A Night at the Acadamy designed by the talented GM Alyias. A 3 hour quest/puzzle event with some undead creatures to inhibit you. It’s meant to have a roster of 10 people per run at a modest $17.95. 10 people is normally how large a group might be for an event run by a player organization or an invasion response force. We have invasions similar to say Rift where creatures poor out in areas they normally wouldn’t that drive storylines. A lot of the Krolvin story things I’ve blogged on has us in groups of about 4-10 combating the Krolvin invaders in the streets.

Day to day you have more of a solo, duo, or trio as a common hunting group. Most areas can be done alone and we don’t have heroic boss fights like your standard MMOs. Those characters are generally storyline NPCs that a Gamemaster (GM) controls. As I’ve been playing alts lately, which is rare for me, I wanted to kind of cover this topic and the Academy event is a good tie in to discuss group composition and class utility in the game.

In a lot of MMOs today you have the 3 archtypes. The Tank/DPS/Healer. Gemstone IV has somewhat different dynamics in that roles are less defined in rigid ways as the archtypes. It’s more in a Dungeons and Dragons aspect that you have utility and people who can perform tasks to meet every situation.

Geijon is a Warrior. We fill the sturdy attack role, but GSIV doesn’t have a aggro system. Warriors can use protect or guard to help misdirect attacks and being in groups has a force on force component and defense component that keeps our Defense Strength (DS) high when at even or greater/lesser numbers versus our opponents. We don’t have tanks at all in how they are viewed in other games, but if anyone fills a similar role it’s a Warrior. We also tend to be beasts of burden in some ways as we’re least effected by encumbrance, especially a Giantman Warrior such as me in carrying treasure and chests.

Wizards are powerful and popular, perhaps the most player class in the game. They can enchant weaponry (making it more powerful), have incredible spells, and serve an offensive attack role while bringing defensive and augmentative spells to the group. Spells in GSIV in some instances are either radius based by being in the group with a certain player or time based buffs that can be stacked prior to combat. Wizards have a great balance of both offensive and defensive spell capabilities and tend to be a strong duo partner in hunting in GSIV.

Sorcerers are similar, have strong incapacitating spells and offensive power with a good mixture of elemental and spiritual defensive magic. This brings up another topic in that we have spell circles. You have your base spell circle such as Sorcerer, Wizard, and you normally have two support circles. Sorcerers access minor elemental and minor spiritual circles making them well balanced in their defensive spellcasting role. Evialla plays a sorcerer and has been my primary companion for many years. It allows Geijon to be an adequate defensive fighter coupled with his dodge training and my personal playstyle of being an offensive minded player. I prefer to strike first rather than survive an attack, although I am not considered a weak defensive character.

Bards are excellent utility players. The can loresing to check what items do and magical properties contained, purify gems to make them worth more money, and are hybrids in the semi term. We use Pures (Casters), Semi (Utility/Mixture), and Squares (Non-caster/Martial) to explain our class roles, but they are less rigid as the DPS/Tank/Healer archtypes.

Rogues are stealth combatants that fight as Warriors do, but from the shadows and ambush. A lot of them are also known to use ranged weapons like bows and crossbows while serving as Locksmiths. Many rogues also train in spells in the minor elemental pool making them diverse and useful characters. Their services are often sought for after a party and can improve effeciency when in a party by picking locks on sight.

Empaths are the healers of the realm. They are also fantastic spellcasters and bring a lot of utility to groups in surviveability and escape/rescue situations.

Clerics are similar to Empaths, can be played as Holy Warriors and were popular in this form before Paladins were implemented, but they serve the second half of the rescue scenario or recovery piece in that they resurrect the dead. They also provide weapon blessing for combating undead, but it’s not exclusive to them. Spells effect undead and the Order of Voln, a player society, allows its members the benefit also.

Bards and Paladins are unique group boosting classes and add to your core power when present, while it doesn’t diminish the group not having them it’s a welcome addition. Many classes defensive spells are available from buffs or short duration items or imbedable magic items with limited charges. This provides a lot of diversity for say 3 warriors to hunt if they are properly buffed beforehand in many situations.

Gemstone has started to implement areas that are more group-focused/required such as the Scatter, a level 130 area, in the rift. The maximum level of a PC is 100 with continued skill gain afterwards through experience advancement. Even so a level 130 creature is powerful when stacked 1on1 versus a capped, as we call it, level 100 PC.

Kenstrom also introduced the Krolvin leaders ship, Krentuk, the Gzadmor gno Prozd (Pain of Night) as a level 130 group-focused ship.

As to alt characters personally I tend to focus on a primary character in most any game I play as I found I didn’t always invest the necassary time into them to get far with them. In Gemstone IV I played Geijon exclusively until probably 2010. I dabbled a bit with really low level characters that didn’t stick, but I’ve since played an Empath, Wizard, Rogue, and Cleric to the modest 20-35 range.

Klanging with the Krolvin

The Krolvin attacks on Wehnimers have continued. The settlers and the Krolvin have a rich history of antagonizing and war throughout history, but I’ll leave that up to you to research or I’ll cover at a later time. Two large attacks occured recently as detailed by (Anonymous). I will get to them, but I wanted to explain what a Krolvin is. Officially the krolvin warrior is an ugly, brutish looking beast. Shorter than most average men, the krolvin has a vaguely ape-like appearance. It has long dexterous fingers capped by long nails. Its skin is a grayish-blue and it has thick white hair covering its head and spreading across its shoulders and down its back.

They do have a half-krolvin mix as detailed under official documentation and it is a playable race. They were added around 2008 as part of the Gemstone IV conversion.

You can look at their background information and game statistics under Krolvin Culture. Here is a few slideshow pictures of what the Krolvin and Half-Krolvin look like.

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Huge waves of Krolvin ships docked on both the beach in Black Sands along the coastal cliffs and within Darkstone Bay. Krolvin Crossbowmen and rangers were spotted in numbers with bows made of limbs and flesh.

Krentuk waded into Town Square central and dispatched heroes for some time before being felled, but his corpse turned to ice and then mist and flowed away before returning later to wreck more havok.

Eventually enough ships were destroyed and the Krolvin along with Krentuk retreated.


I was present for a large portion of this night I think on Saturday, but I mistakenly left when Juramis did because everything had seemed to slow down. We discussed it Sunday night at the Gryphons meeting and Cryheart shared that the Krolvin had returned in force.

Juramis had instructed us to seek out the Archmage Pherantyr regarding amulets in the cities possessions. The Archmage was found after I left and It was around this time that the talismans alerted everyone Krentuk was in the area.

Eventually Mayor Walkar joined the fight, but was killed and Krentuk left a sack full of scalps with a note for the Mayor. When Walkar had recovered he went and recovered the sack from the Archmage Pherantyr. As it was written in Krolvin they took the parchment to the half-Krolvin shopkeeper, Cutlass, who runs the baitshop (I think). The note demanded three things: The head of Walkar, Wehnimer’s Landing to become a port city for the Krolvin, and lifetime enslavement for all the Landing’s residents.

Walkar refused (Unsurprised) we did fight demons with him recently and the fight continues!

What IS gemstone IV?

It struck me last evening that not everyone reading this blog will be aware of the game or its genre. As this certainly may serve to draw people to the game I will endeavor to explain and illustrate Gemstone IV, its history, and the playstyle.

Gemstone IV, previously Gemstone III and Gemstone II is a MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) and is the precursor to MMOs that would later become Ultima Online and Everquest. The GUIs of these games and Warcraft with chat based communication and overhead UIs still have a lot of the same elements as you’ll see in the screenshots below. This particular MUD is a fantasy based game with heavy player interaction and storytelling components. There is a strong social draw to MUDs, which present the storytelling as a more intimate affair that you feel that you matter and get to be an actor in the evoling story as opposed to someone interacting with the environment in an MMO. In MUDs and Gemstone IV you actually influence how a story unfolds and therefore the roleplaying elements can be more engrossing.

I started playing Gemstone III in I believe 1994, but for sure in September of 1995. I had previously had a Genie and Compuserve account then prodigy, which were available prior to AOL having the game available along with Neverwinter nights on it’s Online Gaming forums, but since it’s been so many years I can’t place the date. I began playing heavily in September 1995 until 2002 then sporadically through the years until 2008, with another sabbatical due to stagnation in the game expansion and GM (Gamemaster) driven stories. I’ve been a full time playing again since December 2010 and have continued at a regular playing schedule since largely due to GM Kenstrom’s storylines in Wehnimer’s Landing. The main city and hub of the world, in 1997 the city of Icemule and in 1998 Solhaven were added. Since that time multiple cities have been added, but for much of it’s existance the playerbase had a single hub city that remains the most popular.

The game is developed by Simutronics, who have other properties such as Dragonrealms and Cyberstrike, but as a piece of trivia are known for creating the HeroEngine in an attempt to make a graphical MMO that has since been used as the primary engine behind SWTOR (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic).

Here is a Screenshot of the Games User Interface:

Until about 2008 the GUI was static, but since then has been moded by programs such as Lich and Psinet based on Ruby coding that allows for additional scripts and userinterface modification. The map in the right corner is an optional popup along with some of the sidebar additions such as current buffs with durations on the bottom left and some of the injury data, XP gain, etc on the left sidebars.

The game itself operates in the middle section through command entry or click attacks on various hotbars on the righthand side.

For example my character Geijon would see an enemy, highlighted in yellow, similar to well known/friendly players in this screenshot you can see Lady Korinn, a ranger who has cast some beneficial spells on me. I would see the creature enter the area or room, feint it or fake an attack so it’s offbalance, headbutt it in the head to stun it, then smash it’s skull. The progression of combat is more step by step or a mixture of real-time combat with command entry similar to moves in table-top gaming. The best example I can think of is Final Fantasy 10 and it’s meter system. You are given roundtime or RT for certain actions, but the monsters continue to act regardless of your actions when in your vicinity.

The biggest draw remains the story engagement. Stories in Gemstone have run concurrently in some cases since 1996 to 2010 and some players have continually played for as many as 20 years since the games inception in 1990.

I’ll include my MMO timeline in a later blog, but I hope this helps. If you’d like to learn more read my upcoming blog on my website creation through the years for summaries on some of the stories I’ve aluded to here to gain a sense of the level of engagement within the Gemstone IV community.