Epic Finale (s)

The introduction of Unarmed Combat finished last sunday along with the additions to voln. I edited those logs and posted them elsewhere as they are too large to include in the blog here. I did include the Vordillian log here to show people how the game looks in story heavy discussions.

The Krolvin storyline involving Krentuk is set to end on Sunday evening, 7/22. Thanks to Kenstrom for telling people the time and place. It’s not always that overt.

Speaking of an amazing finale, a certain Knight rose, indeed. The Colorado events are tragic. Why didn’t anyone report on the warning signs. Parents need to address this. These are never random events.

With that aside, see you all Sunday for what should be a ton of fun. I think Kenstrom will have learned from the finale for Grishom Stone and have Krentuk end differently.


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