Threat to the Order of Voln!

We were alerted to growls outside of the Gates several ours past nightfall. The Defense was formed there under myself gradually. With all the Krolvin attacks were somewhat surprised by the appearance of spectral shades and rotting ghouls initially, but the attack escalated almost immediately to shadowy apparitions when we saw Balantine fall. Much of our forces were around the North Gate, along the wall and towards the bridge to Voln. Much of the attack centered on this area.

The moans of the undead attempted to unnerve us, but when that wasn’t enough a shadowy figure began appearing. He wielded powers we hadn’t seen before. He was throwing balls of light forms at us that would open into starry voids. They caused dizziness, spinning, and shifted us temporarily to confuse and disorientate us throughout the area. Afterwards he’d vanish.

As these snipe attacks were occurring the undead continued to escalate. Shadowy steeds and warriors first appeared near the bridge followed by more apparitions, and the more powerful minions masked in inky black shadows. Servants, Masters, and Champions. All of which were powerful beings. The servants were particularly difficult due to their high defense against weaponry. Upon receiving reinforcements from town we were much more prepared for the waves of attacks we were facing.

The dizzyness inducing starry void attacks continued and the figure would vanish before we could engage him. They were followed by orbs of course appearing of out of the air next to people and blasting them with a crushing force. They seemed to be projectiles as we couldn’t see them before they materialized and sped towards us. We did confirm they were coming from the robed figure.

Droit was eventually able to vine him, but he sunk into the ground and vanished. Kerl was quick to engage him once upon him materializing, but it wasn’t effective.

The shadowy figure exclaims, “We shall destroy your Order!  The way of Voln will never taint my home again!”

He then proceded to use a jab attack style on Archales none of us had seen before. After this he tried to slip into hiding, but several of us managed to spot him doing so. He was revealed and Dhuul was able to hit him with a platinum energy blast. We thought he was killed, but he growled a death rattle, and his body turned into a pitch black puddle of ink and seeped into the ground.

We were able to get a better look at him then. He was an Erithian. Kerl then remarked of the problems the Voln chapter in the Erithian lands was having and that the founder of the Order there had been assassinated recently.

All of Voln is called to attention. Our Order is being threatened. Heed the call!


Droid shared that the Starry Void attack was the minor mental ability, Vertigo (1219), and the Orb attack was Force Orb (1201).

They looked as follows:

Vertigo (1219)

The starry void envelops Ohr!
Starburst patterns of pale blue light sweep forward from Ohr’s chest and infuses the deep blue glow with its energy.
CS: +437 – TD: +405 + CvA: -6 + d100: +87 == +113
Warding failed!
Ohr is pulled into the void and disappears!  He returns almost instantly, looking confused.

Force Orb (1201)

A translucent orb of force coalesces out of the air next to Hoodtralfeck.
CS: +437 – TD: +350 + CvA: -21 + d100: +98 == +164
Warding failed!
The orb quickly spins about him then strikes!
Hoodtralfeck is crushed by the orb for 11 damage!
… 3 points of damage!
Jarring blow to Hoodtralfeck’s back.

Vilthulko’s Jab Attack

Vilthulko attempts to jab Archales!
UAF: 613 vs UDF: 772 = 0.794 * MM: -22 + d100: 21 = 4
A clean miss!

Vilthulko’s Defeat

Dhuul channels at Vilthulko.
Particles of dust and soot rise from the ground at Dhuul’s feet as he releases a pulsating, platinum ripple of energy toward Vilthulko!
CS: +506 – TD: +311 + CvA: +15 + d100: +36 == +246
Warding failed!
Vilthulko is cloaked in a blinding platinum light and assailed for 196 points of damage!

* Vilthulko drops dead at your feet!

Droit whispers quietly into the wind, summoning the forces of nature to his call.

* Vilthulko just bit the dust!

Vilthulko’s body turns black as pitch and rapidly melts into a puddle of ink.  Within moments, the ink seeps into the ground and vanishes from sight.

At the end I barely managed to get a look at him, I had been trying since he first appeared, but he was so damn fast.

You see Vilthulko the Grandmaster of the Ancient Way.
He appears to be an Erithian.
He is taller than average and appears to be venerable.  He has gold-flecked grey eyes and ivory skin.  He has a bald head.  He has a triangular face, a thin nose and broad shoulders.
He has a coiled serpent tattoo on his head, a spiral of gold-inked runes on his neck, a gruesome ghoul tattoo on his arm, a lidless purple eye tattoo on his wrist, and a nightmare steed tattoo on his leg.
Despite no apparent injuries, he seems to be DEAD!
He is wearing a dark grey silk vestment embroidered with a pattern of golden slit-pupiled eyes, some grey leather gloves branded with archaic sigils, a gold-threaded grey silk sash, and some grey leather boots branded with archaic sigils.

Our night ended in the Voln Courtyard.

A well maintained and healthy garden occupies the entirety of the courtyard.  The air here is cool and crisp, but the bulk of the monastery shelters you from wind and makes the air bracing instead of chilling.  In the center of the garden is a natural spring bubbling up several inches above the surface of the encircling pool of crystal clear water.  A large stone and iron gate blocks the entrance to the monastery flanked by a statue of a woman carrying a crystal staff and a set of crystalline keys facing a second statue of a kneeling young man bedecked in battle-worn black chain armor.  You also see a large fel tree and a polished marble bench with some stuff on it.
Obvious paths: west
Thremkin, Dhuul, Krisstal, Kipa, Arku, Tenken, Archales, Hoodtralfeck, Fulmen, Wolfloner, Ohr, Sovine, Ycelacie, Ana, Kakoon, Droit, Kaedra, Kerl, Jesp, Esperath and Greganth followed.

It was great to be a part of this. Most of us are aware of the Monk, Unarmed Combat, and Voln Order changes/implementation from Platinum. Voln has always been one of my characters strongest backstories and I love undead invasions. It was fantastic to be a part of this and the group dynamics tonight were great and people were a lot of fun. It’s shaping up to be an exciting launch in GS Prime.

You can find more about the Minor Mental spell list at krakiipedia here: along with the unarmed combat entry at

Thanks to GM Marsteform (sp – I’m tired and his name is crazy.) for the invasion. We think*


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