Krolvin Kounter!

(Yes. I am going to use K adjectives. Ks are Kool!)

I’ll have to get you all up to speed. Our anonymous reporter has continued to provide information although I have first hand knowledge of much of it. I’ll quickly catch you all up from where I left off.

Kragnack, the brother of Krentuk showed up with a proposition for the city. He asked its residents and Mayor Walkar to protect his half-krolvin son Falzcrow. Krentuk had marked Falzcrow for death. In exchange for protection of his son, and weapons superior to what the Krolvin used, Kragnack would attack the Krolvin stronghold at Glaoveln, the Krolvin island homeland.

A diplomatic meeting was arranged at the Drake Vanguard, a Wehnimer’s based local defense force, between Walkar and Kragnack nights later. Negotiations broke down as many residents and the Mayor were unwilling to provide weapons to a stranger. Refuge for Falzcrow was not an issue. During this meeting because Kragnack nearly became hostile Mayor Walkar ordered the militia to seize Falzcrow for his safety and to prevent escalations with Kragnack.

Mayor Walkar issued a short statement afterwards, “We are at war, and let us not forget that our enemy are krolvin.  To broker a deal with them where their demands are met in whole, but we are given only hope that their success bears us any good fortune, is a risk I am not willing to take.  Many will accuse of me taking a hostage to force Kragnack’s hand, but I do so as a safety precaution, and wish no harm to his son.  These are monsters, who willingly pillage, scalp, murder, and take whatever they want.  Let their nature never be overlooked.”

Later it was learned that Svardin, the leader of the Drake Vanguard, did provide Kragnack with the desired weaponry. It has been met with some heated responses, but I individually do not view it as betrayal. I do question the decision as those weapons can still be turned on us and we’re not in position to supervise their usage in the attack on Glaoveln.

A few nights later the toymaker Parlay arrived on his ship with umber sails, it was then used to board Krentuk’s personal ship, the Gzadmor gno Prozd, or “Pain of Night.” This is a level 130 area with groups highly recommended. It includes Slashers, Stormcrows, Bloodmasters, and the very dangerous Zealots.


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