Klanging with the Krolvin

The Krolvin attacks on Wehnimers have continued. The settlers and the Krolvin have a rich history of antagonizing and war throughout history, but I’ll leave that up to you to research or I’ll cover at a later time. Two large attacks occured recently as detailed by (Anonymous). I will get to them, but I wanted to explain what a Krolvin is. Officially the krolvin warrior is an ugly, brutish looking beast. Shorter than most average men, the krolvin has a vaguely ape-like appearance. It has long dexterous fingers capped by long nails. Its skin is a grayish-blue and it has thick white hair covering its head and spreading across its shoulders and down its back.

They do have a half-krolvin mix as detailed under official documentation and it is a playable race. They were added around 2008 as part of the Gemstone IV conversion.

You can look at their background information and game statistics under Krolvin Culture. Here is a few slideshow pictures of what the Krolvin and Half-Krolvin look like.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Huge waves of Krolvin ships docked on both the beach in Black Sands along the coastal cliffs and within Darkstone Bay. Krolvin Crossbowmen and rangers were spotted in numbers with bows made of limbs and flesh.

Krentuk waded into Town Square central and dispatched heroes for some time before being felled, but his corpse turned to ice and then mist and flowed away before returning later to wreck more havok.

Eventually enough ships were destroyed and the Krolvin along with Krentuk retreated.


I was present for a large portion of this night I think on Saturday, but I mistakenly left when Juramis did because everything had seemed to slow down. We discussed it Sunday night at the Gryphons meeting and Cryheart shared that the Krolvin had returned in force.

Juramis had instructed us to seek out the Archmage Pherantyr regarding amulets in the cities possessions. The Archmage was found after I left and It was around this time that the talismans alerted everyone Krentuk was in the area.

Eventually Mayor Walkar joined the fight, but was killed and Krentuk left a sack full of scalps with a note for the Mayor. When Walkar had recovered he went and recovered the sack from the Archmage Pherantyr. As it was written in Krolvin they took the parchment to the half-Krolvin shopkeeper, Cutlass, who runs the baitshop (I think). The note demanded three things: The head of Walkar, Wehnimer’s Landing to become a port city for the Krolvin, and lifetime enslavement for all the Landing’s residents.

Walkar refused (Unsurprised) we did fight demons with him recently and the fight continues!


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